Loving food and apple muffins

I always knew that not everybody loved food and baking as much as I do. There were certainly people who even disliked cooking. But I never figured out that there could be people who weren’t able to understand why I love food. So it was a little shocking for me when somebody very close to me said: “Why are you baking so much for your friends? Are you afraid of losing them or what?”

Actually, I bake because it’s fun. It makes me happy to create something beautiful and yummy with my hands and I can relax while working in the kitchen. When I’m stressed because of school, there is usually no time for baking. But if it’s someone’s birthday or my friends and me having a movie night, that’s a perfect reason for me to take a break from studying and bake something. I enjoy the baking itself, and then eating and sharing my joy with friends and family. Cooking or baking something is such a lot more fun if you eat the result together with people, just like David Lebovitz recently said in one of his videos: “Nobody makes a cake and eats it all for themselves.” So I’m also one of these people who are convinced that “FOOD is LOVE “- or rather “FOOD can be LOVE” as long as you enjoy it. And although I’m aware of the fact that there are probably many different opinions on this topic, I somehow feel sorry for anyone who isn’t able to see my point here, because those people might miss a lot of fun.

At that time when I was asked this bizarre question about buying my friends over with cake, I was – once again – in the kitchen, trying to bake some apple muffins with walnuts and marzipan filling. The idea of these muffins came up to me when I asked a friend of mine what kind of cake he would like for his birthday. He wanted something with fruits, and as it is still kind of wintery here in Europe, the first seasonal fruit I could think of was apples. I didn’t want to make a cake or pie, because that wouldn’t be appropriate for the party I was going to bring the cake to, with all these many people dancing, eating an apple pie might get a little messy. Muffins were just the right thing, because you can eat them while standing around, they wouldn’t fall apart like apple cake sometimes does on a plate while eating and there’s usually no creamy or liquid filling which might drop. But normal apple muffins seemed too simple and didn’t satisfy me, so I decided to add some chopped walnuts and a little marzipan for the sweetness.

J.’s apple muffins
makes 12 muffins
125g butter
125g sugar
2 eggs
125g flour
1 tsp. baking powder
25g walnuts, roughly chopped (I used whole walnuts and needed about 4-5)
2-3 apples (depending on how big they are – you’ll need 12 pieces in the end)
50g marzipan
  • Cut the butter into small pieces and put them into a bowl. Add the sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder, chopped walnuts and stir until you’ve got a smooth dough.
  • Line a muffin tin with paper liners. Preheat oven to 180C/350F.
  • Cut the apples into 12 pieces, core and peel them. I had rather large apples, so I used only 2, cutting them into thirds and halving these, so I got 6 pieces out of each apple. If your apples are not that large, you might simply use three and divide each into four pieces. The slices are supposed to be put on top of the muffin dough, so make sure they are not too big.
    Put the apple slices upside down, so the place where the core was lays on the surface of your cutting board.
    Carefully cut parallel lines into the surface of the apple, but make sure not to cut through the apple – you’ll just want a kind of pattern on the apple slices.
  • Divide the marzipan into 12 equal parts. Roll them between your hands to make balls.
  • Fill the dough into the muffin liners and put a marzipan ball onto each muffin. Add one apple slice, patterned side up, on top of the marzipan ball onto each muffin and slightly push it into the muffin dough.
  • Bake muffins for 30 minutes.

4 thoughts on “Loving food and apple muffins

  1. i am so totally agreeing with you when it comes to baking! i enjoy baking so much and its such a shame not to share them with everyone. And those muffins are so cute and petite. Definitely a convenient pick me up for those groovers dancing to the music!

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