Cookbooks and relief

Cookbooks. They are a frequently mentioned and discussed topic in food blogs. No matter if people keep their recipes in books, folders, apps, notebooks, stacks of papers or online programs, my personal impression is that most bloggers come to the conclusion that they have way too many cookbooks, just like me. Actually, my collection isn’t that huge but I noticed that I don’t use those books very often. There are definitely more recipes in my cookbooks that I haven’t tried once than recipes which I use regularly. Because of that, I decided like so many other bloggers not to buy cookbooks anymore.

Although I often find myself sneaking around the section with the cookbooks in bookstores when I go shopping, I kept that promise until today. But recently I found out about a cookbook which I’m definitely going to buy – all resolutions aside.

You might have noticed it already – this banner which has been in my sidebar for a few days links to the official homepage of PEKO PEKO, the cookbook I’m going to buy.

Peko Peko Charity Cookbook This cookbook will contain several japanese recipes, mostly from food bloggers all around the world. What makes it so special is the fact that all profits will be donated to charity relief in Japan. 

I think it is a nice idea to make a cookbook for charity. Like I mentioned in my previous post, food and cooking means love to me. So selling this book is somehow like spreading a little love around the world, and doing that for helping people in need seems to be a really good thing.

Okay, maybe this explanation about why I think it’s a good idea to support that charity project sounds a bit overly romanticized, but anyway, I’m going to buy that book and I hope that many others will do so as well 😉

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