Eventually, spring has arrived. At least a little bit. Last week, we had some nice sunny days and I used the opportunity for taking some photographs.

Although I should’ve been studying for my exams, I couldn’t miss the chance to spend a wonderfully warm afternoon in the garden with friends, drinking Umeshu (japanese plum liqeur) which I had received as a present and saved for a nice occasion like this. And it didn’t matter at all that we were drinking from the wrong (Campari) glasses – the Umeshu tasted just right while we were enjoying the sun.

Another thing that made me really happy was to see my basil growing.
Last year, my boyfriend gave me a pot with different herbs as a present, because he knew how much I love cooking with fresh ingredients, especially fresh herbs for seasoning. (He’s wonderful, isn’t he? Which girl wouldn’t want a boyfriend who gives her such individual and personal presents which make her totally happy?)

One of those herbs was basil. During the summer it grew pretty well and I think it was in August or September when I could harvest a lot of seeds. So in February, I seeded basil into a small yoghurt pot and now I’ve got several small basil plants. I’m happy (and a little proud) that they’re growing so well and I’m eagerly waiting for the day on which the basil will be big enough so that I use it for cooking. I hope the taste will be as wonderfully rich as it was last year.

One thought on “Springtime

  1. That’s one healthy plant ! U sure have a green thumb for growing, harvesting and seeding it. Now to give back to ur wonderful bf by cooking up a mean basil dish !

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