Carrot Muffins, braided yeast bun and LOTS of sweets

Easter is always a good justification for me to cook, bake and make truffles. Okay, to be honest, it’s just the same with Valentine’s day, Halloween, Christmas, … I love these celebrations and holidays for similar reasons – they are a good excuse to spend lots of time in the kitchen.

This year, I began baking on Friday before Easter, together with a friend. We started by shaping marzipan into Easter treats.

Of course, this included eggs …

… covered with chocolate!
And look what my friend also made:

These baby lambs are adorable, aren’t they?
I tried something different:

Those Easter bunnies didn’t completely turn out the way I had imagined them, but I think, they’re still cute though.

The next thing we made was Carrot muffins. They’re pretty healthy (for cake), because there is no additional fat and only a little sugar (7.5g per muffin) in the batter. Because of this, I was a little concerned, if they would also be tasty (Although I’m a huge fan of both things separately – I’m always a little sceptical towards the combination of “healthy” and “cake”), but they definitely were!
The shredded carrots makes the muffins very moist and soft. The combination of carrots and ground hazelnuts gives them a round flavor and the sugar coating which I added (and which made them a little less healthy) matches wonderfully.

On Saturday, I tried to make something that sounded pretty appealing to me – Easter eggs with Nutella. I had doubted that anything containing Nutella could not taste good, but sadly, these little eggs were just strange in flavour and texture … Well, at least they looked nice and fortunately I didn’t make too many, so there weren’t too many ingredients wasted.

After this disappointing experience, I baked something else I hadn’t tried before. It was a braided yeast bun for our family Easter breakfast. I was really relieved that this recipe worked well and the bun was delicious and nice for breakfast.

I ate one slice with Nutella (as a kind of substitution and comfort for the unsuccessful Nutella eggs) and then decided to eat another one, because it was so yummy! This bun definitely goes well with sweet spreads like Nutella, jam or honey, but is also good with cream cheese, vegetables like tomato or cucumber slices and fresh herbs.

To make the bun “Easterish”, I left 5 holes in it onto which I put hard-boiled eggs for decoration.

As it is now more than a week after Easter, I decided not to share these recipes with you now but to save them for Easter next year, when I could post them in time 😉 I hope, all of you had a good time (maybe also baking something in the kitchen?) and enjoyed Easter as much as I did!

4 thoughts on “Carrot Muffins, braided yeast bun and LOTS of sweets

  1. WOWWw. those are some really creative easter stuff you’ve got there! I wish i had thought up of those!

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