Peko Peko Cookbook (Charity for Japan) – Update

Peko Peko Charity Cookbook Just a small update on the non-profit Peko Peko Charity Cookbook for Japan: It will be ON SALE next FRIDAY, JUNE 10th. I’m really excited to buy this book and to start cooking all these nice Japanese-inspired dishes! If you are interested in easy and family-friendly Japanese cuisine, please consider buying this Charity Cookbook as well. It will cost $29.95 of which $11.45 will be donated to the Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief Fund (the rest of the money is printing costs!).

Personally, I’d like to thank One Hungry Mama, La Fuji Mama, Marc Matsumoto and all the others for their great work – they deserve appreciation for creating such a beautiful book for helping the people in Japan and I’m eager to support this great project by buying the PEKO PEKO Cookbook.

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