Food Impressions – Japan

It may seem to you as if I was a little bit lazy about blogging recently. But actually, I’m on a jouney in Japan and really busy with shopping, eating and taking pictures most of the time, so I thought it’d be nice if I shared some pictures with you until I get to write a proper post. It’s nothing fancy, more like food I’m eating here every day plus some regional specialties, but it should be interesting if you haven’t been to Japan before 😉

My first meal at Haneda airport – Udon (wheat-flour noodles in broth made out of shoyu, dashi and mirin). I ate this at a store where you just order cold or hot soup, choose several toppings like tempura, eggs (raw or cooked), different vegetables, and then pay for everything before you sit down and eat. This is some really typical and simple, but still yummy meal in Japan.

Genghis Khan – a Sapporo specialty. It’s basically lamb meat and vegetables, cooked on something which looks like an upside down bowl with small channels for letting the melted fat drain off. You eat the grilled goods with some special sauce, and although I’m not a person who loves such rather greasy meat, it tastes pretty good all in all.

Some Caffe Latte at Miyakoshiya between visiting the Okurayama Ski Jump and shopping at the Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade. The ambience was relaxing and friendly and the coffee tastes pretty good. I recommend going there for a coffee when you’re in Sapporo.

Ikura Don – fresh Salmon roe on top of rice, garnished with nori (dried sea weed), fried egg stripes and bits of salmon.

Sashimi – raw fish: Maguro (thuna), Amaebi (sweet shrimps), Shake (salmon), Hotate-gai (scallop) and Ika (squid).

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