One year of kawaii kitchen – a new year’s resolution

It’s somehow ironic that ever since I started studying nutrition, I didn’t get to blog about my cooking and baking anymore.

Of course, I baked a couple of brownies and simple stuff like that now and then, but nothing really fancy or special which I felt like blogging about. I started to write several posts but always ended up admitting to myself that whatever I had written got boring or wasn’t worth sharing because I somehow lacked excitement and passion either for writing or the food I was writing about.

So one of my new year’s resolutions for the next year of kawaii kitchen is to bake and cook more of those things that I always wanted to try or things that seem interesting to me, so that I have something to blog about. For this, I created a “want to do and have to try out” – list, which you can find here.

In the meantime, until I get to complete my tasks, here are a few pictures of things I baked during the last few months.

Birthday cake for my flat mate

Vanilla christmas cookies

Marzipan-filled cinnamon macarons

And although the last few months (concerning baking and blogging) are definitely improvable – Happy Birthday, kawaii kitchen!

P.S. Hope all of you had a great valentine’s day including some kind of good food, cooked with love or at least including some beautiful flowers 😉 You’ll get to see and read about about my valentine’s day in the next post – prepare yourselves for a lot of chocolate!

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