Happy belated birthday, Oreo!

Two days ago was the 100th anniversary of Oreo cookies. Who doesn’t know them, and who doesn’t love those chocolatey, crunchy little treats? And today, I spotted these “Oreo soft cookies” at a convenience store here in Japan. Being curious about how they taste as I had never seen or even tried them before, I bought a package to celebrate the Oreo anniversary, even though it’s slightly belated.

Everytime I am in Japan, I discover some new, interesting sweets I’ve never seen before. This time, one of those sweets are these soft Oreo cookies. They taste like you’d expect a soft version of an Oreo to taste like, pretty light and fluffy. The cookie is softer and a little sweeter than the original and additionally, it’s covered with stripes of white chocolate. I also scraped out a little bit of the vanilla filling and tried it separately, and found out that it’s not the same as the one inside the original Oreo cookies. It’s a little more creamy, somehow like the texture of beaten egg whites and less sweet than the usual vanilla filling. At the Family Mart, where I bought them, a package containing two cookies costs 105 Yen. All in all, I think the Oreo soft cookies are worth their price and a nice variation, yet no substitution for original Oreo cookies.

For those of you who are like me and crave Oreo cookies right now after reading (or writing, in my case) this – here’s a recipe for Oreo cupcakes. Trust me, they’re heavenly and make it worth celebrating Oreo anytime!

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