Sunday’s Seven

Today, I’d like to introduce kawaii kitchen’s new blogging series: Sunday’s seven! Every sunday, I’m going to share seven things that inspired me during the past week, seven things I like or which seem otherwise interesting 😉 To start with – here are my seven favorites of the food pictures I took last week.

Seki-Aji sashimi at Torihiro (a small Yakitori & Sushi Restaurant) in Hiyoshi, Kanagawa. The chef and his wife always serve best quality foods and sometimes specialties from southern Japan, like this Seki-Aji and Seki-Saba, which can only be caught in the waters of the strait which separates Shikoku from Kyushu.

We also ate Liver Yakitori and Mitsune Tsukune Yakitori (meatballs made from chicken mincemeat) …

… and finally Anago (small kind of eel) maki, Tekka (tuna) maki, Negitoro (minced fatty tuna with chopped negi, which I would describe as something between leek and chives) maki and Ikura (salmon roe) maki sushi. What a wonderfully yummy evening, that was!

But we also cooked a few things at home this week:

Homemade pizza with red wine pizza sauce – I’ll share the recipe with you as soon as I get to cook the sauce once again, to make sure the recipe works out fine!

My dad’s Spaghetti with meat sauce – unbelievably delicious! I can still taste the fruity tomatoes when looking at this picture …

My first try of making Matcha mousse – tasted good, but was a little too firm. I’ll try to make it a little softer and more foamy next time. Just like this one here …

Pastries from Patisserie Caterina in Hamadayama, Tokyo – probably the fluffiest strawberry mousse I had the chance to enjoy so far and which encourages me to try to make my homemade desserts look and taste more sophisticated, like these lovely ones here.

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