Sunday’s Seven

About two or three years ago, I was looking up how to make macarons au chocolat on the internet and found David Lebovitz’s recipe. After reading the recipe a few times, I also read the rest of the blog post, searching for more advice. That’s when I stumbled into food blogging.

Having read this post, I read more posts and then more food blogs. I loved how so many people all over the world shared my passion for food. I loved (and still do today) the stories behind the recipes and the creativity people put into discovering new dishes and food styling. So today, I want to share seven of my favourite food blogs with you. I’ve been following a few of these blogs for a while now, and there are also some which I discovered only recently.

Let’s start with David Lebovitz, who I already mentioned and have been following since that day I started reading food blogs. His blog contains all things food (restaurant reviews, information about different ingredients, and of course, recipes) and now and then a few peeks into his life – which mostly lead us to something delicious again.

Emily, the writer of Cupcakes and Cashmere blogs about a combination of fashion, food and lifestyle. Her blog is informative as well as entertaining, so I stop by frequently. She blogs pretty often – which is one of the things I highly respect because it’s something I have to work on.

Elissa from 17 and Baking is a real writer. She is very talented and always manages to transmit a feeling, an atmosphere of the context in which she writes about her baked goods. Reading one of her posts is like reading a novel – you can nearly smell and taste whatever delicious she has made.

Desserts for Breakfast is the blog with the most beautiful food photography I’ve seen so far. Of course, the posts and recipes are interesting as well, but the pictures are truly stunning.

Gourmantine cooks and bakes a lot of adorable sweets and dishes that fit my personal taste. Nearly every single one of her recipes makes me think “Wow, I have to try this!”. At the moment, she is on a very delicious mission of finding the truly best chocolate mousse … a must-read for every chocoholic!

The Sophisticated Gourmet – namely Kamran Siddiqi is another must-read in my opinion. The blog’s title already puts it into a nutshell, great recipes and an all in all sophisticated blog. Oh, and I also love his style of writing, the way he shares his thoughts in a way like he’s having a conversation with his readers.

A blog which I stumbled across only recently and have been following since then is Baker Bettie. You’ll find a lot of lovely cookie recipes there – and sometimes innovative ones (check out her Zucchini and Jalapeno Cookies! To me, they look just yummy!).

What are your favourite blogs? Any recommendations what or who I could add to my current blog roll?

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Seven

    1. Haha, I know that, too! some of my friends even started complaining that whatever I serve them gets cold before I finish taking pictures and they can start eating.
      Thanks a lot for the blog recommendations, and I really like your blog as well!

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