Sunday’s Seven

It doesn’t feel right to blog only once a week, every Sunday. But as sad as it is, I simply don’t have time for much baking and blogging at the moment, because of my upcoming exams next week. So for today, here are seven glimpses of my past week for you:

A donut topped with chocolate chip cookie dough – heavenly! Devoured this cutie here at Krispy Kreme in Shibuya.

My very first home-made udon (japanese noodle soup). I made this with shoyu and dashi based broth and added steamed carrots, soy bean sprouts with shrimps, finely chopped spring onions and sesame as toppings.

Remember how I wrote about this wonderful little restaurant where people are like one big family, sharing food and enjoy it together? I had the opportunity to go there once again, and to take a picture of Baba, the owner of this place this time. Doesn’t she look exactly like an auntie who enjoys nothing as much as cooking for her children and grand-children?

Chocolixir by Godiva. The name speaks for itself – it’s chocolicious! Although the strawberry-and-chocolate version I chose was nearly a bit too sweet, even for my sweet tooth!

I also ate some very good sushi at Momotaro in Tokyo this week. Above you can see their Anago I-kan Nigiri (believe me, it’s just Yum!) and below is a snap of the place itself. Love how the single sushi varieties they offer are listed on these single sheets of paper!

And finally, today, I had my first coffee sitting outside in bright sunlight this year! I went to my favourite cafe with a friend, enjoyed the sunshine and took a break from studying for a few hours.

Hope that all of you had a nice weekend as well! But now, I’ll really have to get back to – yep, you guessed it right – studying for those exams. Can’t wait for them to be over and to bake and blog again!

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