Hazelnut nutella macarons (recipe review)

Nope, I’m not dead. And neither is kawaii kitchen! I had never planned to abandon my blog for sooo long, but there were so many things going on in the past few months that somehow time for baking and blogging lacked. For those of you who wanna know – “so many things” refers to exams in June, the fact that I moved into a new flat in July, then left for 4 weeks of traveling around because of a summer job. After that, I stayed at my boyfriend’s, visited him for a few weeks before semester starts again, and I finally found some time for baking again. This time, I decided to try a recipe from a different blog.

My boyfriend loves nutella, and he loves macarons. Three weeks ago was our 5th anniversary, so what did I do? Yep – I baked these adorable hazelnut nutella macarons for him.

These macarons contain not only almond meal but also ground hazelnuts. I used whole ones, roasted them for about 10-15minutes at 170 degrees C to bring out their whole flavour, ground them finely in a food processor and then sifted the hazelnut meal before measuring the weight. For the pretty looks, I decided to make a few heart-shaped macarons and decorated some of the shells with leftover hazelnut pieces.

The result was satisfying, my boyfriend loved those little fluffy heart-shaped treats. For my taste, the nutella filling was a little bit over the top, made the macarons slightly too sweet, so next time I’ll probably substitute it with a semisweet chocolate ganache. But all in all, these macarons tasted good, had the perfect texture – crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle with a creamy filling, and they looked cute. So thanks a lot for the recipe, Gourmantine!

4 thoughts on “Hazelnut nutella macarons (recipe review)

  1. These look sooo good (actually everything you post on Kawaii Kitchen looks so good) I will definitely try to make these ones. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Lots of love from Mexico 😀

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