Kü Ché – a creative space & living room café

Kü-Ché - 04

A new café, run by students, opened up in my town. It’s not just a café, rather supposed to be a place for hanging out, being creative, meeting people, and having some coffee and cake. About two weeks ago, a friend of mine posted about the opening of this café called Kü-Ché (“küche” means kitchen in german) on facebook, that he was in his way to get there, so I decided to grab my camera and join him last minute.

Kü-Ché - 03

Kü-Ché 05

And this was one of these wonderful spontaneous decisions, of which you are really glad afterwards that you came to them, and of which you think that you would’ve missed a lot otherwise. I had a really great time at the Kü-Ché talking to a lot of interesting people and having cake and cappuccino with soy milk. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try every cake, but the ones I had a piece of – the pumpkin cheese cake and lebkuchen (chocolate-covered gingerbread cake) – were definitely yummy!

The café itself is a pretty cosy place, a dimly lit room with several sofas and rustical-style interior. The furniture seems to be mostly vintage and maybe a little cobbled together, which underlines the comfortable ambience. It’s a place I had been missing in my town until now, a living room-style café for getting to know different people while indulging in some home-baked treats. They offer a different choice of vegan and non-vegan cakes & snacks on monday, tuesday, thursday and friday afternoons. You can even bring your own baked goods – a thing I’ll definitely do sometime in near future 🙂

Kü-Ché - 02 Kü-Ché - 01

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