The most refreshing lemonade

lemonade 02

Hey everyone, today’s post and recipe is only a very short one, but it’s good – believe me 😉

It has been one of my favorite recipes of this summer. Lemonade, made from fresh limes and mint – not too sweet and not too sour, perfectly balanced, rehydrating and refreshing on summer days is how I would describe it. The PhD student I was working with during my internship introduced me to this simple drink, which is a wonderful alternative to pure water as a drink on hot summer days. Her husband was so nice to take pictures of the lemonade when we prepared some during a cooking and baking session a few weeks ago, so credit for most of the pictures in this post goes to him – thank you, Kosta!


Actually, this lemonade also inspired the Mint-glazed Lemon Cake, which I posted recently, and accompanies this cake very well 🙂 So if you’re craving something super-quickly made and refreshing to enjoy on the last hot day’s of summer, this is the thing for you to try!

Mint and Lime Lemonade
recipe from Angelina
makes around 1L
1 1/2 limes, peeled
1/2 cup mint leaves, cleaned
500mL cold water
50mL agave juice + more to taste
200mL ice cubes
  • Put limes, mint leaves and water into a blender and mix until combined.
  • Add agave juice and ice cubes and blend again. Have a sip, and if desired, add more of the agave juice to sweeten. Blend again and enjoy!


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