kawaii kitchen cupcakes

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“Baking with love” also means to me that the impact and consequences of the baking process on people, animals and environment are handled responsibly. Therefore my cupcakes are baked with organic ingredients from fair production and I also like to bake vegan 🙂

Currently, kawaii kitchen cupcakes (all vegan) can be ordered for events or if you want to offer them in your café, restaurant or store in the Berlin area by contacting me via e-mail (kawaiikitchen [at] hotmail [dot] com). Now and then, you can also find my cupcakes on farmer’s markets on Restaurant Day (which takes place 4 times a year, find the dates here.) Or simply check the kawaii kitchen blog, I will announce where and when you can find me and stop by for a cupcake 😉

Here you can see an assorted selection of what I am offering, but feel free to contact me for a complete list of kawaii kitchen cupcake creations.

Carrot Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting
contains almonds, soy, wheat
strawberrychocolateStrawberry Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting
contains wheat
apple matcha Apple and Matcha Cupcake
contains wheat


Available throughout the year:
chocochili Chocolate Chili Cupcake
contains hazelnuts, wheat
chocochilihemp1 Chocolate Chili Hemp Cupcake
contains hazelnuts, soy, wheat
picture coming soon Love Chocolate Cupcake
contains wheat
tiramisu Tiramisu Cupcake
contains alcohol, almonds, wheat ///
Lemon Rosemary Cupcake
contains soy, wheat
“Vego” Cupcake (Hazelnut & Gianduja)
contains Hazelnuts, Soy, Wheat ///

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